Our mission.

To apply the very best standards of traditional security and compliance to the emerging world of financial crypto-services.

Our services

NextHash Exchange

Getting into the crypto world is the first step. A fully-compliant KYC-enabled exchange with world-class security and filtering exchange is the only way for a traditional and serious investor to avoid the immaturity seen in some parts of this new sector. We will offer superior customer service enabling even the most demanding of clients to be in full control of their funds and their investment choices at all times.

Custodian services

The most fundamental part of any wealth management strategy is to be secure. While exciting and new, crypto currencies can be fickle and complex to handle. As a custodian intermediary we will provide the easiest and most efficient and effective experience - all while guaranteeing the best security possible today.

Mining operation services

The role of blockchains full nodes (mining), is new to the financial sector. Through decentralization, the network becomes more secure, and all players can participate and earn. We provide full-scale solutions and consulting services to allow even the most demanding and cautious of institutions to position themselves in this space. In addition, this strand represents an interesting diversification strategy for our clients.

Hashing power marketplace

Across the hundreds of crypto assets that can be mined and the different technologies needed, there is a huge potential - but one which is hard to manage directly. Our marketplace solution gives our clients the leverage and flexibility to implement effective hedging strategies and manage mining investments in a rational and coherent way.


As crypto-currencies and other blockchain-based instruments become more mainstream, the possibilities for trading their derivative instruments will grow, and we have in-house expertise in both the world of blockchain and the world of derivatives.

ICO platform

If you're planning a blockchain-based launch of your own, let us help you with the ICO. Our platform and range of services will provide everything you need to make a success of your commercial strategy.

Mining rigs

If your organization is intrigued by the possibility of running its own mining operation but you don't have the in-house expertise to build and manage it, let us help by providing a plug-in-and-go solution. Our purpose-built rig-in-a-container is built and configured in Europe and delivered to you wherever you need it.